Farm Land Investment: New Trend In Udaipur Real Estate

Investors in India are now checking out innovative ideas to earn returns from their investments, with growing purchasing owner. One of the lucrative ways of investing is saturated in agricultural land. While a number of the investors retain such farm land as an asset. Who supports the growing market of animate fruits and vegetables, to supplement their income there’s a neighborhood of investors. If farm investment may be a safe option for parking one’s funds because the return on investment is typically quite the opposite investments and also lends safety to investors’ money, a number of experts have agreed after pandemic COVID-19 especially.

Historically, farmland also offers higher total returns than many other sorts of land investments, and also exhibits a way lower level of risk. That’s because farmland continues to supply product that are in high demand and certain always will be: meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, even when the market is fluctuating farmland typically escapes such volatility and continue to appreciate its value over time.

Udaipur – The second most beautiful city in the world

According to travel & leisure magazine survey, Udaipur secured 2nd rank in the most beautiful city in the world leaving behind Istanbul and Bangkok. Udaipur, known for ‘The City Of Lakes’ has the waterfront properties foreign investors going crazy for. Tourist spots like Vallabhnagar lake and Bhatewar lake are attracting investors and people are building their farmhouses with beautiful landscape, amidst scenic surroundings. Lake Front properties are selling like hot cupcakes in that locality. Being second most beautiful city in the world, the real estate landscape of this city is changing very rapidly.

Local investors as well as NRI investors are looking to invest in properties in Udaipur because of its rich heritage, culture and scenic beauty of nature around the city, Various investors are opting for farm land in the outskirts of the city preferring locality nearby airport and making their weekend homes and farmhouses amidst scenic surroundings and driving rental income by leasing or farming on their land.


Why more people are driving towards investing in farmhouses?

Farmhouses that are being rented out for events are in high demand nowadays due to the trend set and the fact that the area is larger than banquet halls, at a beautiful location, far away from the crowd and noise of the city centre. This trend has become famous via several movies and social media influencers where celebrities post pictures of spending time at their farmhouses with friends and family, partying, hanging out, and chilling. Seeing this, farmhouses started becoming popular as party spots as they are available in an isolated location with lots of greenery around, where noise won’t be an issue..

The category of people  that can be seen investing in farm land and building their farmhouses in the outskirts is the ones who already have homes and investing for the reason of having a second home or luxury purposes. The land buying options are aimed towards having a spacious and cozy house. Farmhouses today host a new sub-culture for India’s lifestyle conscious and high net worth class of people.

Localities in Udaipur that will most likely give you big capital gains !

The area where government schemes is launching or any upcoming infrastructure development coming, most likely these areas is going to drive huge returns to your investment. In Udaipur, Airport Road is proving to be emerging as a real estate hotspot for investors. After declaration of Maharana Pratap Airport becoming International Airport, investors from around the globe are showing their keen interest in Udaipur Real Estate. Foreign companies are developing their projects on airport road which is going to be beneficial in uplifting the real estate market scenario of Udaipur.

Rajasthan Housing Board and Singapore Enterprise Coorperation jointly came up with the planning of two Singapore based township one in Udaipur and One in Jodhpur. In Udaipur, the township is planned on 1000 acres on airport road, which will fetch higher ROI for properties located in that locality. The development is happening at a very fast pace in and around Udaipur, due to which overcrowding in the main city is making people wanting to live in nature more than ever.



If you’re looking for a long term wealth creation opportunity in agriculture or farm land around Udaipur, Gokul Properties has solution for you.

You can invest in farm land with us in installments with 0% interest. Invest your money in a secure oasis in the second most beautiful and romantic city of the world. As the intrinsic value of a farm land never goes down. You can always dispose of portions of your farmland at any point of time as the demand for farmland continues to rise as the supply keeps steadily going down. Our projects are located in the most handpicked locations of the city, around famous and most beautiful tourist spots of Udaipur where you can build your weekend home and enjoy the peaceful living over there. A farm land will provide a much bigger chunk of land, where one can easily build their dream weekend home, with no restrictions such as space and size. The land would be fertile and fit for agricultural practices, so one can grow crops for their family in that land or simply lease it out to those involved in agricultural practices to ensure that the land doesn’t remain unutilized

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