Online Business Platform

About G-Venture

Gokul Properties introduces G-Venture, an online business platform offering career opportunities in the real estate sector. Here, with Gokul Properties’ Real Estate Projects, you can earn money online, and opportunity is open for both professionals as well as non-professionals. Work with Gokul Properties’ G-Venture as an Independent Business Partner.

Features of G-Ventures’ Business Model

Incentives & Yearly Bonuses

Earn incentives and yearly bonuses at distinct stages

Contests & Highest Performance Awards

Participate in the contests and collect High-Performance Awards for different activities

Secure Investment & Financial Freedom

Avail benefits of secure investments and enjoy financial freedom

Interest-Free EMIs

Easy and Interest-Free EMIs for various projects

Swapping Facility Among Multiple Projects

Swapping facility among properties with adjustable EMIs

Asset Building

Get privileges in asset building

Work-Life Balance with G-Venture

No Target

No Reporting

Safety and Security


Company Leads

Instant Earnings

Flexible Timing

Lifetime Royalties

Bright Future

No Workload


1. Do I need to register for the G-Venture?

Yes! You are required to register for G-VENTURE by adding your email address and contact number . Then you will be redirected to fill the IBP (INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNER ) form .

2. Who can be a part of online business model ?

Any student , housewives , working professionals or non-professionals retired people who are interested in earning extra income can become a part of G-VENTURE .

3. Will I receive the amount for just referring a client ?

No, the amount will be payable only when your client “successfully” undertakes the site visit and gets converted into a buyer .

4. How do I check the status of my referrals?

After filling the IBP form , you will be given your personal id, username and password . Once your id is activated in the G-Venture App. , you will be able to log into your account and see your clients tracking and history in the dashboard .

5. Will I be able to track the G-venture associated with me ?

Yes ! ofcourse . The G-venture coming in your downline can easily be tracked in your dashboard .

6. How can I start generating leads?

The company will provide you leads and will guide you through it . Training will be given to you by our top expertise .

7. Is there any minimum limit of clients or G-venture I make ?

No , not at all . You will get instant payout at the time of successful deal closure by your referred clients or your downlines.

8. How will I be able to receive the cash rewards earned by me?

The cash will be directly transferred to your bank account .

9. How G-VENTURE can benefit me ?

Apart from extra earnings and financial freedom , this online business portal gives you a golden opportunity to begin with your career in the real estate industry . Further , you can help people find the right accommodation based on their preferences .