1. Can I be assured of a hassle-free process while purchasing a property from Gokul Properties?
Yes, our company works round the corner to ensure that our client’s needs are served. We provide end-to-end documentation which leaves no scope for further questions.

2. What are the documents required while purchasing a property belonging to Gokul Properties?
The bookings are made easy and hassle-free with Gokul Properties. All you need, is two passport size photos, yours and your nominee’s photocopy of aadhar card and PAN card.

3. What if I change my mind about buying property after paying the down payment?
In case of a last-minute change of mind, Gokul Properties holds the right to cancel your allotment, and according to the company’s policy down payment is non-refundable.

4. What is the payment schedule once the down payment is paid?
Once the down payment is paid, You can pay the rest of the amount in monthly interest-free EMI’s with a long tenure of up to 84 months.

5. What are the other charges included while purchasing property?
Apart from the basic sale price, the typical extra charges are for agreement value, registration/stamp duty, and service tax.

6. Can we bring our family with us to visit the site?
Yes absolutely, you can bring your family members to the project site whenever you wish throughout the lifecycle of the project and our team at the site would be delighted to host them. We understand that buying a property is a collective decision and every member plays an important role in this process.

7. Is there any pick or drop assistance from Gokul Properties?
Gokul properties’ team is committed to making the process smooth and seamless for you. So, there is a pickup as well as drop arrangement on a prior appointment basis for visiting our project site.

8. Can I pay a 100% down payment? Will I get any benefit?
Yes, of course, you can pay a 100% down payment and close the deal. Further discussion can be held with the Gokul Properties. Foreclosure is available.

9. Has the land been converted for residential purposes?
Yes, the land has been converted for residential purposes.

10. Who pays the stamp duty/registration charges in case of purchase of a property?
The concerned client has to pay the registration charges depending on the documentation that may be executed.

11. Can I register a nominee with respect to my property?
Yes, you can register a nominee with respect to your property. Please contact our Sales Executive who will guide you with the process.

12. What sort of documents will I receive as evidence of the purchase of my property?
At the time of booking, you will receive a notified Agreement of Sale stipulating your property details, payment details, and other terms and conditions connected therewith.

13. What if I am unable to pay my EMI’s on time, will you charge any penalties?
Yes, if your payment gets delayed due to any reason our company gives you a deadline of 5 days and after that per day 20Rs. Of penalty would be charged.

14. Can I pay my monthly EMI’s through net banking or mobile banking?
Yes, we have a payment gateway facility in our company’s mobile application. You can have hassle-free transactions of your monthly EMI’s from any part of the country.

15. Can I track the transaction status of my payment?
Yes, through Gokul Properties’ mobile application you will have access to all of the transaction status of your payment.