New Bhatewar — UDAIPUR An exceptional Real Estate site!

Bhatewar village lies in the Vallabhnagar Tehsil of Rajasthan’s Udaipur district. It is located 7 kilometers from the sub-district headquarters (tehsildar office). Also, 33 kilometers from the district headquarters in Udaipur with the emerging development sites across the area.

The Real Estate sites of Bhatewar are in high demand. Because of the rapid industrialization, urbanization, and growth in the development area. Gokul Properties has led new thinking in terms of delivering residential and commercial style living at the most accessible prices. Available in Udaipur’s most tranquil location, surrounded by the majestic Aravalli Ranges.

As known for its Lakes, Udaipur, is a wonderful mix of colors, sounds, and experiences. Undoubtedly, that has inspired poets, painters, and writers for centuries. From its origin in 1559 till date, Udaipur has always been a tourist attraction for foreign and domestic visitors worldwide. Evidently, drawn to the lakes, palaces, and bustling workplaces and culture.

The city has struck a balance between preserving historic traditions and customs. While also adapting to current technologies and lifestyle changes.

Many travel networks and organizations have been set up online. Thus, making it easier than ever to go out on the road.

The means of transportation to Bhatewar is conveniently available. And can be reached at a fast pace and at an admissible price with a variety of amenities.

New Bhatewar’s Superiorities:-


The plots in Bhatewar are located near a variety of amenities that let people live in a pleasant atmosphere. Gokul Properties in Bhatewar provides one with such convenience. The area is connected with the Smart city so that people can benefit from all the facilities. Rapid urbanization has long-term positive effects on landscapes and livelihoods and Bhatewar tends to follow in their footsteps.


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every economic expectation from the very start point. In such a situation it becomes necessary for a person to invest their income somewhere. Overall, can give them a sense of belongingness and contentment. The plots of Gokul properties in Bhatewar are one of the most trustworthy investment opportunities. Connecting with this property is an incredible deal because of the high ROI it generates.


Bhatewar contributes to the educational sector with the goal of long-term sustainability in mind. The prominent Universities cover the major part of the area, enabling the people to discover the most out of themselves.


The vision to create a city with solid infrastructure, good quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment. The mission’s main focus is on inclusive development which includes facilities such as health, education, etc. Its purpose is to establish examples that can be carries out both within and outside the boundaries. Thereby sparking the creation of a similar Smart City across the country.


Bhatewar has experienced remarkable development practices in terms of its locality, environment, road transportation, infrastructure, etc. Many large companies have set their feet in order to create a name and fame of their own. In order to facilitate the needs and preferences of the people. The area has no more fear of roaming around alone since the Infrastructure has developed at a fast pace.

Why Bhatewar?

When compared to prior times, Bhatewar’s image/view has improved significantly at each stage of development and progress. Following are some of the demonstrations experiences:

  • In light of the ever-growing zones, commercial property in Bhatewar is accessible at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Gokul Properties is one of the leading property dealers in Bhatewar, and they understand the demands of their clientele.
  • Land brokers in Bhatewar make the process of buying land easy by giving facilities that help you earn more money.
  • It is difficult to locate the greatest property dealer in Bhatewar, but Gokul Properties takes care of everything.
  • Commercial property in Bhatewar can be utilized for various purposes. Such as building tech world architecture, IT Infrastructure, and Institutions. Moreover, all those purposes which can result in an appraisal of the economy.

Maharana Pratap International Airport, Dabok

Maharana Pratap International Airport is situated in the Dabok area, which is 22 km east of Udaipur. It is named after the then ruler of the princely state of Mewar(Udaipur). Maharana Pratap I, a name worth remembering in the history of Mewar, now Udaipur.

The airport covers an area of over 500 acres. It has a single road surface runway and can accommodate three Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s at a time. Two boarding gates, four check-in desks, and sophisticated navigational and landing aids are all available. The International Airport is only 10 minutes away from Bhatewar. Thus, makes it significant for those who live in the area because the process of travel is easier.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, air transport was undeniably one of the hardest-hit industries. Flight disruptions halted fleets, and border closures are all part of the picture. In such conditions, the International Airport has switched its intensity to accommodate all of the towns that are seeing huge international corporations emerge.

Dabok Airport in Bhatewar continues and supports such dynamic conditions in order to improve customer development in terms of safety and well-being, and seeks to provide immediate solutions to all life’s uncertainties.

Prospective Development Projects at Dabok

  • Rajasthan Housing Board and Singapore Cooperative Enterprise acknowledged the collaboration for the development of the town near Sir Padampat Singhania University.
  • For the employment purpose to eradicate financial problems in Rajasthan,  Wind Electric Generator manufacturers will proceed with the work.
  • Regen Powertech Pvt. Ltd. And L.M. Wind power blades (India) for the purpose of transformation in leveling.
  • Bhatewar – Pali Highway growth procedure.
  • A strong consideration for a Railway Station.
  • An addition in the Infrastructures of Bhatewar with International Ayurvedic University by Kanchan Seva Trust.

Ultimate Opinion:

Gokul Properties’ highway approach to the opulent township is a combination of premium living with a well-planned layout and basic lifestyle amenities to enhance your experience. We’ve built a reputation for flawless preparation, over twelve years of industry expertise, and the trust of hundreds of families, making us a go-to choice you can trust. Our developments are placed in the city’s most chosen places, close to the city’s most famous and beautiful tourist attractions, where you can construct your weekend house and live in peace.