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About G Venture

Gokul Properties introduces G Venture, an online business platform offering career opportunities in the real estate sector. Here, with Gokul Properties Real Estate Projects, you can earn money online, and opportunity is open for both professionals as well as non-professionals. Work with Gokul Properties G Venture as Independent Business Partner.

Features of G Ventures’ Business Model

  • Money

    Incentives & Yearly Bonuses Earn incentives and yearly bonuses at distinct stages

  • Best team work

    Contests & Highest Performance Awards Participate in contests and collect High-Performance Awards for different activities

  • House investment

    Secure Investment & Financial Freedom Avail benefits of secure investments and enjoy financial freedom

  • Money investment

    Interest-Free EMIs Easy and Interest-Free EMIs for various projects

  • unique  emi's interest

    Swapping Facility Among Multiple Projects Swapping facility among properties with adjustable EMIs

  • Investment

    Asset Building Get privileges in asset building




No targets

If you have no past experience of sales and marketing, do not worry we got your back. No company targets will be imposed on you. With g-ventures, you can earn incentive based on per sale by you or any of your team members.


No reporting

You don’t need to stress over your daily reporting to your boss anymore! With g-ventures you can work independently and without any pressure. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with an opportunity to earn the use of G-ventures.


Safety & Security

Being a g-venture not only gives you a financial security but also gives you an opportunity to be a part of likeminded stratum of the society. Nowhere else can you find an opportunity to feed others your knowledge and intelligence, only to thank others with sincere gratitude for your hard work in other’s lives.



If you want your loved ones to have an opportunity to own a successful business and earn extra income, and you want them to offer financial stability, you can transfer your position to anyone you want to, anytime you want to.


Company Leads

Being a g-venture is like cherry on the top for you, you won’t have to search other sources for the leads to work on. This is one-of-a-kind plan, where our company will provide you leads so that you reap great financial rewards and live a lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


Instant Earnings

G-venture’s income model is so instant and compensate with your efforts and dedication. The moment you close the deal and your client buy the property in any of the gokul’s projects, you will get the payout within 45 minutes of closing the deal. You will be having access to g-ventures mobile application that will track your every lead, sale and commission due to you.


Flexible timings

You have the power to build your business according to you. You work on your own time as much as you want and you make money by sharing what you love. You’re in charge, but you’re not alone


Lifetime Royalties

Beside our online forums and virtual interaction, the company has also been organizing seminars to get trained and learned more about this portal by our top expertise. The idea is to empower all our Independent Business Partners by giving them lifetime royalties with just a click of button.


Bright Future

Here, we are offering a golden platform to the people who are passionate about earning money through smart work in their social network and without any investment. This online business model would definitely enhance your passive income and it would definitely bring


No Workload

Become your own owner. You are free to schedule your own working hours. Work from wherever or whenever you want. You can work while sipping coffee on the couch or you can work while chilling at the beach.