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Bhatewar: An emerging real estate hotspot in Udaipur

Real estate industry in Udaipur has led to a subsequent boom in last few years. As a result of rapid urbanization, gentrification is occurring in the outskirts of Udaipur. The offbeat locations of the city, like the burgeoning locality of southern Udaipur are the most-preferred destinations for real estate investment.

Best property for investment in bhatewar are in close proximity to the International Airport and due to that areas like debari, dabok, are hot-selling real estate destinations for business travelers and frequent flyers.


The real estate industry in Udaipur witnessed a period of transformation in the last 7-8 years. Udaipur is in the initial phase of Development, not big corporate houses haven’t come down to the city yet. Therefore, prices of land are very low in a radius of 20 Kms rates and are starting from 400 Rs per square feet and at a distance of 25-30 kms, they are much cheaper for 300 Rs per square feet. Annual appreciation is at least 18% for converted plots. If someone invests a large amount in agricultural land he can expect a good return. Also, the real estate industry in recent times has changed a lot and with transparency in tax structures and the market has caused investors to invest in outskirts and for better after the implementation of most anticipated regulatory bills like GST also attracts investors from all over the city. While tracking the development in the last few years, urbanization is happening at a very rapid rate. It’s just a myth that investment in the main city is going to drive returns in the future, but outskirts like dabok, bhatewar have shown huge profit margins in the past 7 years. The debari area exemplifies this growth. In late 90s, debari was considered as the outer part of the city and land would have been available at 200Rs per sqft. And today for the same land a home owner could charge 1500Rs.to 2000Rs. per sqft. Similarly, after declaration of the International Airport in Udaipur, the locations like dabok experiencing rapid growth in real estate segment and residential investment property for sale are available at very affordable price. Also, globally renowned companies like Singapore Cooperation Enterprise are bringing the Singapore based township which will definitely drive huge returns in coming 4-5years. Various  township projects are coming up nearby airport and for frequent travellers, it’s like cherry on the top!

Noted listed below are the benefits that will help you thinking the exact same:

Affordability influences real estate development

If you are willing to do something scouting, invest your hard earned money in residential investment property for sale in the peri-urban areas like dabok and bhatewar, which offers low entry rate and will give you massive returns over the long-term. You can get more space at very affordable price, and then all you will have to do just wait and let your property gradually appreciates its value in the time lapse of 5-7 years.    

Connectivity counts in real estate

The Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur already declared as an international airport and the terminal work is also in process, one can expect realty growth in this area to appreciate better in this area than other localities in Udaipur. This is the huge advantage for the people who travel for work. Experts say that the declaration of International Airport in the southern Udaipur outskirts plays major role in realty boom in these areas and became real estate hot-spots for property development and investment purpose.

Away from city’s chaos

 Everyone loves a peaceful surrounding, with greenery and serenity all around. Best Property for investment in the bhatewar is excessively preferred upon urban properties, as they are away from the chaos and bustling traffic of the city. The human’s urge for a peaceful living makes investments in the bhatewar a lucrative option to consider. 

The Futuristic Demand

The location of your property that is now in the bhatewar will soon become a prime location of the city with excellent infrastructure and commercial developments coming up. This will have more and more people eager to come and start living in the area, which will increase the demand for properties. Once the demand increases, you can sell your property in a hefty amount, thus, will bring massive profits to your investment.


In the past few years, most of the investors prefer to invest in the outskirts in particular debari, dabok and bhatewar. The government has started focusing on the infrastructure and growth of the city with abundant land parcels mainly in these particular areas. Acres of land has been acquired for electronics and automobile companies like Pyrotech investing in these localities which will further improve the job opportunities and thereby the real estate.  Following are the listed upcoming development by authorized government officials of the city

National Highway Development Project: Grade separator is coming up in Debari, which is a big relief for commuters. A Budget of 581 crores has been approved by Rajasthan Government for the development of Debari Grade Separator.

  • Rajasthan Housing Board and Singapore Cooperative Enterprise agreed to jointly come up with a concept plan for a township in dabok nearby Sir Padampat Singhania University, land acquired (1000 bigha)
  • Wind electric generator manufacturer worth INR 300 Crore is coming up in Bhatewar, development has begun and 75% of employment would be given to citizens of Rajasthan
  • Regen Powertech Pvt. Ltd. And L.M. Wind power blades (India) have begun leveling work in bhatewar.
  • Bhatewar-Pali highway is planned to develop in Bhatewar Tourism Circuit.
  • Railway Station is proposed in Bhatewar area
  • International Ayurvedic University by Kanchan Seva Trust is another upcoming infrastructural development.


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